With over 20 years of experience in the welding Industry, we provide a fast reliable mobile welding service in fully equipped mobile welding vehicles backed up with workshop facilities. We can cover all of the South West including Avon, Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall. Venture Country Mobile Mechanic offers different onsite welding services using various techniques including ARC, MIG, GAS, and TIG welding.

Our Mobile Welding Services have earned a reputation for quality, reliability, and friendly service. Our customer base has increased and continues to grow year on year including customers from a wide range of industries local authorities, port authorities, plant & equipment manufacturers, the railway industry, and major plant hire companies.

welding repair

We provide no obligation-free quotations with accurate sourcing of materials ensuring professional welding repairs and fabrications on small projects to larger specialized repairs and modifications to heavy plant, construction, and marine machinery.

Structural Steel Work, Fire Escapes, Steel Buildings, Gates & Railings, Steel Pipework, Steel Fabrications
Security Screens & Bars, Refurbishment, Steel Sculpture, Balustrades, Security Fencing, Plant machinery
and so much more

What is the welding process?

Welding is a procedure of joining at least two, similar or divergent metals by warming them to an appropriate temperature, with or without the use of weight, filler materials, and transition. Welding services are utilized for making lasting joints.

Sorts of welding:

Working with metal can be alarming, but then it can in like manner be empowering. Steel fabricators are equipped to change a bit of the world’s most grounded materials into different shapes and things. Welding is the route toward interweaving materials, for instance, metals or thermoplastics to perfectly oblige them. The welding methodology incorporates applying warmth and load to the documents being merged, despite a channel material.

Since the conditions, solicitations, and materials to be joined vary by and large, phenomenal sorts of welding shapes have been delivered. Every method serves a substitute need and has its one of a kind arrangement of points of interest and general applications.

Gas metal circular segment welding:

The bit of metal to be joined are warmed to a plastic state and constrained together by outside weight like opposition welding. The thought of joining two bits of metal along with a wire that is related with an anode current is suggested as Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding.

In this kind of welding process, an ensured gas is used along the wire anode, which heats the two metals to be joined. A steady voltage and direct current power source are required for this methodology, and this is the most generally perceived mechanical welding process. The gas metal circular segment welding process is sensible for entwining delicate steel, tempered steel, and also aluminum.


What is a mobile welder?

A mobile welder is essentially a small business owner. This is typically a one-person operation. Similar to other traveling welding jobs, mobile welders take their expertise and equipment wherever they’re needed.

How much does a mobile welder make?

The average salary for “mobile welding technician” ranges from approximately $14.72 per hour for Mobile Phone Technician to $23.72 per hour for Diesel Technician.

How do I become a mobile welder?

Starting a portable welding business involves obtaining the requisite certification and licensure, purchasing mobile equipment and a vehicle, and extensively marketing your services. Obtain training and certification from an accredited welding school if you don’t already possess it.

How many inches can a welder weld per day?

The average welder can complete about 140 inches of weld per hour in ordinary 1/4 inch wall line pipe. Therefore, to find the output duration per day you would need to: Number of welds per hour is equal to = ((140/((diameter of pipe – in inches)*3.14))). This gives you an hourly rate of pipeline joints per hour.

How much does a welding truck cost?

It’s pretty easy to spend anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 or even more rigging up a welding truck.

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